don't you think that's a little steep?

Let's talk cash money for a minute

We aren't Coles, we're a small business. 

This means 2 things: 

1. Below are our costs.

Have a cheeky perve into the expenses we've tirelessly poured over. As the owner, I personally don't have a problem sharing this with you but we doubt any large conglomerate would do the same.

2. We cost more.

We worked really hard to start Co.laboratory and continue to work hard (along with our day jobs) to create something we're proud of that supports other Canberrans.


Paint, slow drying medium, canvas



per workshop


Hiring costs, heating, handmade cookies, fabulous staff and cocktails


per workshop


Website, insurance, business name registry, booking fees

and advertising


per annum


Late nights, editing, replying to enquiries, researching costs, creating social media content, practicing workshop, seeking advice from other business owners, setting up, packing down, teaching the workshop , paying for things,

Laughter, tears & proud moments.


per workshop

Excluding tax and any unforeseen bills.

Costs change over time and so